The Art of Leading Oneself


This foundational course is the heart and soul of everything we do. Any company or organization interested in bringing out the best version of their people should schedule this course for their next off-site, symposium, or training day.



Leading Oneself Business DNA


This powerful LOBDNA individual and team assessment tool provides vital insight as to your team’s strengths and struggles. The associated LOBDNA course offers in-depth analysis of each report and provides teams with invaluable communication and coordination skills.


Critical Thinking and Effective Communication


Solving complex problems and developing long-term strategic solutions requires both critical thinking and effective communication within your teams. This course provides your teams with the tools for better problem solving and objective based analysis.


Confidential Coaching (C2)


This selective service is offered personally by the owner and director of Thinkenomics, Dr. Jeffrey Smith. This on-retainer, one-on-one coaching is confidential and private, providing unbiased advice from strategy development to challenging employee problems.



Keynote Address


Dr. Smith has spoke to thousands of people across the globe from all walks of life. His message of personal development and becoming the “best version of yourself” has a huge impact on the decisions people begin to make in their lives. His presentation is guaranteed to be the highlight of your next event.



Critical Decision Points


Realistic scenarios brought to life in a controlled learning environment specifically designed to teach better decision making skills. Developed initially for the United States Air Force and used by thousands of military professionals, Critical Decision Points offers a new, engaging and proven learning technology that results in targeted self reflection and real-world value judgment training.