Organizational Culture and Executive Assessments


Organizational culture determines the behavior of your employees, determines the level of commitment, loyalty, and trust your teams share, and ultimately determines the long-term sustainability of your brand. In nearly all cases, the health of your organization’s culture will be a direct reflection of the leadership…their priorities, their expectations, and most importantly, their people skills. Our culture and executive assessments provide important insight to help get and keep your company on the right track.



Strategic Curriculum Development

Following our assessments, we often find that an organization requires unique, tailored courseware that targets a specific need. Our team of curriculum developers has over 40 years of combined instructional development experience. We not only can help you improve your current in-house training programs, we can build tailored material that uniquely meets all your organization’s training and education needs.


Leading Oneself Business DNA

This powerful LOBDNA individual and team assessment tool provides vital insight as to your team’s strengths and struggles. The associated LOBDNA course offers in-depth analysis of each report and provides teams with invaluable communication and coordination skills.


Critical Thinking and Effective Communication

Solving complex problems and developing long-term strategic solutions requires both critical thinking and effective communication within your teams. This course provides your teams with the tools for better problem solving and objective based analysis.


The Art of Leading Oneself


This foundational course is an important first step in developing your company culture, enhancing your employee’s commitment, loyalty, and trust, and teaching your leaders how to bring out the best version of their people. Any company or organization interested in truly investing in the professional development of their teams should consider scheduling this course for their next off-site, symposium, or training day.


Confidential Coaching (C2)


This selective service is offered personally by the owner and director of Thinkenomics, Dr. Jeffrey Smith. This on-retainer, one-on-one coaching is confidential and private, providing unbiased advice from strategy development to challenging employee problems.



Keynote Address


Dr. Smith has spoken to thousands of people across the globe from all walks of life. His message of personal development and becoming the “best version of yourself” has a huge impact on the decisions people begin to make in their lives. His presentation is guaranteed to be the highlight of your next event.