Confidential Coaching (C2)


Personal leadership coach


Every great leader needs access to unbiased advice from someone they can trust…someone who will remain both confidential and respectful of needed privacy.


This on-retainer service is reserved for senior level clients that want an opportunity to brainstorm, prepare strategic options, or to discuss challenging personnel issues.


This service is both selective and discrete. The owner and director of Thinkenomics, Dr. Jeffrey Smith, personally provides this service following an initial interview to ensure the coaching relationship is a good fit.

Dr. Smith has over 30 years of strategic leadership and critical thinking experience as well as graduate degrees in Strategic Studies, Mathematics, and Political Science. He has accomplished extensive research in organizational strategy development, is an expert in organizational culture, and is a published author and professor in organizational psychology, leadership development, and institutional change. Dr. Smith has advised and coached leaders at the highest level, worked with multi-million dollar budget decisions, personally supervised thousands of people, and has built or led both new organizations as well as established institutions.

To discuss the possibility of confidential coaching with Dr. Smith, please contact him directly by including “C2” in the message section.