"At Thinkenomics, We train, coach, and develop people to make better personal and organizational decisions" 


"Our process is unique and highly effective.  Following an  assessment, we develop a tailored strategy to target your  needs" 


At Thinkenomics, our goal is to help your organization professionally develop your leaders, your personnel, and your long-term organizational culture.



"While Chief of Staff of the Air Force, I had Dr. Smith teach every four-star, three-star and commander across the entire service...they consistently lauded his material and presentation as the best they had ever received.  He is absolutely spectacular!"

Gen Mark Welsh III, (Ret), Former CSAF



"I selected Dr. Smith and Thinkenomics to work several significant leadership and personnel issues within my organization.  I had him teach and coach thousands of personnel on my team.  The results were amazing!  If you want your organization, and specifically your leaders, to move up to the next level, Thinkenomics can help make it happen."

Gen Robin Rand (Ret), Former AFGSC Commander




"It's not very often that something exceeds my expectations, but this course blew me away." 

Mike Wicks, CEO, i3-Corps.




"Take it!! Anyone that is leading or aspiring to lead in any capacity should take this course." 

Shannon Allen, BU Lead