Custom Tailored Education and Training Curriculum

Custom Curriculum designed for your needs


After an in depth assessment, there are a number of important courses that we recommend and offer our clients. However, in some cases, those courses need to be followed up by unique, targeted and tailored curriculum that specifically meets the needs of your organization. 



At Thinkenomics, we have extensive experience developing strategic and targeted curriculum. Our teams have developed and implemented courses and lessons for small companies and large national-level institutions. Our expertise is in the “Affective Domain” of learning where human behavior and life skills are most predominately developed.




Whether its your existing program that needs to be polished or you require a completely new curriculum to meet specific needs, we can provide you with the unique courseware your organization requires.


From a single lesson to a full course syllabus 


We design and provide coursware engineered for behavior modification. In other words, we develop courses that meet the needs of your people in such a way that their actions begin to reflect the objectives of your companies strategic goals.


The fundamental key to developing curriculum that shapes your personnel is to target those internal values that all organizations require:



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