Critical Thinking and Effective Communication (CTEC)


Every company seeks a higher degree of critical thinking within their workforce. However, when asked exactly what critical thinking is, most leaders struggle to provide a definition.


“Critical thinking is an intellectual process of analysis that takes into account complexities and context often overlooked or undervalued—all with the objective of developing strategic solutions that consider primary, secondary, and third order effects.”


CTEC directly offers leaders and teams the insights and tools to infuse this definition of critical thinking across their workplace.




Developing Effective Solutions

 Every successful company requires their teams to develop effective solutions. Unfortunately, groups often fall prey to bias, failed logic, misinformation, and group think. 

Even teams that possess a high level of operational knowledge can become bogged down and get caught in analysis paralysis. 



The future success of your organization will be determined by how well your team can operate in a dynamic and fast-paced market environment…

…Critical thinking will be the key to that success.




What’s in the course? 


Each of us have our own way of looking at things. While diversity of thought is important to the solution development process, being overly attached to a single perspective can lead to harmful bias within the problem solving process.



All organizations require some level of hierarchy to build teams and ensure accountability. However, power in the hands of someone who is unaware of how they can alienate or even discourage critical thinking can result in failed strategic and operational plans.


While today we may have access to more information, there is equally greater access to mis-information. Learning how to avoid being lead down the wrong road by mis-information is an important skill to obtain.



Developing the best solution is only half of the challenge. Leaders must also be able to effectively communicate their solutions to the overall organization. Increasing communication skills is paramount to ensuring plans are fully realized and effectively executed.


Most of us fail to listen to the level we should and this is normally where mis-communication begins...not so much in what is said but rather, in what is not heard. There are important tools that can increase one's ability to "hear" the things we need to hear.



The most important consideration comes at the end when critical thinking tools are used to develop or to validate your companies:



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